For over 90 years, the Varisco family has passed on engraving techniques from father to son, using the same machinery and approach employed for hundreds of years.

Marco Varisco Sr. opened his workshop in Murano in 1923. After about two decades he moved to Treviso, where his son Italo joined him as an apprentice. Today, Italo works alongside his son, Marco Variso II, carrying out the time-honored family tradition of hand engraving.

Each piece is engraved free hand, without marks to show the desired drawing. The piece is then beveled and polished by hand using a cork wheel and pumice stone, giving it a unique and clear finish.

History of Pride & Dedication

The entire Varisco family works with dedication and deep pride in the bottega (workshop). Visiting their world of artistry is like going back in time.

From an early age, Marco Varisco II was considered to be a prodigy. With passion, imagination and talent, he transforms raw materials into extraordinary works of art.

Marco has created pieces for the some of the most influential people in the world, but remains humble about his work. It's this quality that makes him such a special and unique artist.